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There has never been a better time to foster with Cardiff Council.

We’re pleased to announce our revised benefits and rewards package. This means that Cardiff’s Foster Carers will be better supported, financially, professionally and emotionally, than ever before.

Our Foster Carers are a central part of our Fostering workforce and the new rewards and benefits demonstrate our commitment to this- with tailored training and development opportunities, holistic therapeutic support packages and access to a wide range of staff benefits.

Being a Foster Carer is an incredibly rewarding role. Everyday you’ll be using your skills, knowledge and insight to support Cardiff’s children to flourish and grow.

We ensure you’re fully supported to do what you do best by providing a wide range of financial, training and family focused rewards and benefits.

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Our foster carers enjoy a generous package of payments. This means you’ll be financially supported to provide a stable home for yourself and all the family.

Payments for fostering are broken down into two main categories: fees and allowances. The fee is our way of covering any expenses you may incur. The fee is paid for the equivalent of 54 weeks a year. This is our way of saying thank you for the wonderful work our foster carers do. The allowance is there to cover the costs of having a child: school trips, clothes, toys etc. On top of this, we also pay our foster carers extra allowances for birthdays, religious festivals and holiday payments meaning you can enjoy some much needed rest and recuperation time as a whole family.

Your skills and knowledge are priceless but we’ve structured our payments to ensure that, should you so wish, fostering is an attractive and financially secure career option.

Here’s a guide to what you could receive by fostering.

The minimum you could receive fostering one child is

£20,755 tax free.

This is equivalent to £25,000 a year salary.



best friends girlsFoster two children and you could take home a minimum of

£41,510 tax free

This is the equivalent of a £55,000 salary



multi cultural familyIf you foster three children, the combination of fees and allowances means you will receive a minimum of:

£62, 265 tax free

This is equivalent to £85,000 a year salary.



Foster carers are eligible for additional tax exclusions. Click here to find out more.

For more information about fees and payments and how fostering could work for you whether you’re in employment or are intending for fostering to be your main source of income, contact the fostering team.

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